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To Enjoy The Club, You Must:

  1. Use Appropriate language (no swearing)

  2. Use words to solve problems or ask for help (no fighting)

  3. Not wear Clothing that depicts gang orientation, including hats

  4. Clean up what you use

  5. Be a member of the club

  6. Respect yourself, others, and the environment

  7. Not abuse the club or others

Please respect yourself by wearing clothes that fit appropriately. Pants must be worn on the waist, no sagging. All clothing should be modest, no tight or suggestive clothes. The club staff reserves the right to not allow any other clothing that may appear derogatory, explicit, or harmful.


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Arts & Crafts

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How To Join The Sandy Club, "A safe place for boys & girls"

Please E-mail us at: with any questions about joining!
Please click the links below to download, print, and fill out the memberships forms:

Membership Form English

Formulario de membresía en español